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Connie Butera is a multiple time, award-winning, licensed wedding officiant - licensed to marry any couple in Ontario; including same-sex couples.

Connie Butera

Multiple-Time, Award-Winning, Licensed Wedding Officiant

Connie Butera is a multiple time, award-winning, licensed wedding officiant - licensed to marry any couple in Ontario; including same-sex couples.

Wedding Officiating Packages

Have a look at the various wedding ceremony packages and options that my team offers!

Rates listed below are applicable to all locations within the GTA, York Region, Simcoe Region & select summer weekends in Muskoka Region.  

Nominal additional Travel fees may apply for out of area weddings.  

Long weekend and holiday rates may apply!

Custom Wedding Ceremony Performed by Award-Winning Licensed Wedding Officiant


This package is the basis for your special day.  Work with me to create your special day, utilizing one of my many customized wedding ceremonies.  Choose from some standard elements, as well as add your own special touches.  You will have access to a wide variety of options to choose from, as well as get professional consultation regarding any customizations.  I will arrive onsite 15-20 mins prior to your ceremony start time in order to check in, line up your bridal party, greet guests and get in order.  The typical ceremony itself will be approx. 15-30 mins (pending your wishes and selections).   You will get all the required documentation in order to have a legal marriage in Ontario. 

Legal Signings

$150 (my office) / $350 (your GTA / Muskoka Location)

For those couples looking for the bare bones legal basics only, this is a great alternative to City Hall (and cheaper!).  Come to my office or I will come to yours.  We will perform the bare minimum to make your marriage legal in Ontario.  Please remember to bring your license + 2 witnesses. 

I can provide witnesses for an additional fee of +$25/witness. 

Typical service is 10 minutes and with a standard ceremony that I provide.  

Vow Renewals / Commitment Celebrations


For those couples who would like a symbolic ceremony, without the "legal aspect" of a full marriage, a commitment celebration is a great option.  Whether you want to reaffirm your prior vows or have a ceremony in the absence of a divorce / wedding license, we can go through many of the typical aspects of a full ceremony without the legal aspects.  This option is ideal for couples wanting the optics of a wedding without the actual piece of paper.  I present customers with a personalized certificate for their memories. 

Add on Wedding Rehersals


Some couples choose to have a wedding rehearsal, including the officiant, a few days before the wedding as a "dress rehearsal" of sorts.  This service can be offered at an additional rate of $175. 

Rehearsals generally take 1 hour and are conducted by myself OR one of my associates (if you are also doing coordination services with my team). 

We don't go through the entire service word for word, however we do go through the general roles & responsibilities, procession order, service order, recessional etc.  There will be lots of time to ask questions and visualize your service.   

Wedding rehearsals are optional but highly recommended.